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Water Quality Test Pen EC TDS Tester PH Meter Water Hardness Instruments

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Feature: Lock function: easy to read and record, the instrument will lock the reading 5 minutes automatic shutdown function, the battery will not run out; Measuring range: Specification: Conductivity: 0-9990us/cm TDS:0-5000ppm... Read more

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Lock function: easy to read and record, the instrument will lock the reading
5 minutes automatic shutdown function, the battery will not run out;
Measuring range:

Conductivity: 0-9990us/cm
Degree Celsius: 0.1-80.0ââ€?/span>
Fahrenheit: 32.0-176.0ââ€?/span>
Accuracy: ±2%
Size: 154x30x14mm/6.06x1.18x0.55\"

Steps for usage:
Before use, please unplug the electrode protective cover;
Press the power button to put the electrode into the solution to be tested;
After the value is stable, press the HOLD key to take out the reading;
After the reading is completed, press the power button, wipe the electrode clean, and put the electrode protective cover in;

TDS & conductivity switch:
The meter displays the TDS value at the factory. If you want to measure the conductivity of the solution, please gently touch the SHIFT key, and the meter will switch automatically;

Automatic temperature compensation:
The meter has the function of automatic temperature compensation in the measurement mode;

Temperature switch:
Tap the SHIFT key twice in a row to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the meter defaults to Celsius;

Keep the electrode clean, cover the electrode protective cover, if not used for a long time, please take out the battery;

Introduction of TDS pen:
TDS is the abbreviation of total dissolved solids in English, the Chinese translation is total dissolved solids, the unit of measurement is milligrams per liter (mg/L), which indicates that 1 liter of water contains milligrams of soluble solids.
The TDS concept is an exotic product and is widely used in the water treatment fields of the United States and Taiwan. The TDS value measurement tool is generally a TDS pen. The measurement principle is actually to indirectly reflect the TDS value by measuring the conductivity of the water. In a physical sense, the more dissolved substances in water, the greater the TDS value of water, the better the conductivity of water, and the greater its conductivity value.
In layman\'s terms: TDS value represents the content of dissolved impurities in water. The larger the TDS value, the larger the impurity content in the water, and vice versa, the smaller the impurity content.

Factors affecting TDS value test:
Water temperature: TDS pen cannot be used to measure high temperature water (for example: hot water)
Water flow rate: TDS pen can not be used to measure water bodies with large shaking

Product instructions:
Remove the pen cover and turn on the ON switch;
Put the pen into the test solution, the height of the solution should not exceed 2cm;
Stir the pen in the solution. After the reading is stable (2-6 seconds), the TDS value will be displayed on the screen. Press the HOLD key to lock the value.
After use, wipe dry the water on the pen tip, clean it with pure water, and cover the pen cover back.
Precautions for use: Avoid immersing the TDS pen in water, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from high temperature, and avoid impact, heavy pressure and drop.

Product scope of use:
Detect whether the water quality of tap water, purified water and mineral water meets the drinking water standards established by the country: tap water below 300PPM, pure water below 50PPM (national standard), and mineral water between 100-200PPM.

Application common sense:
1. After the purified water and mineral water are stored for a long time, the TDS value will rise too high from the beginning, and the total number of co-virus and bacterial colony will increase accordingly. At this time, it is not allowed to drink raw, which will affect health;
2. The TDS value of pure alcohol is 0, more than 0 means impure;
3. TDS is the total dissolved solids. If the indicated value is 100, it means 100 mg of impurities per liter;
4. Users above the 3rd floor are supplied with water from the top-level storage tank, which is likely to cause secondary pollution. The TDS value change should be checked frequently, and the property management department can be urged to clean it regularly.
5. How much washing powder should be put in the washing machine, and the experience can be digitized by testing with a TDS pen. After the cleaning procedure, the displayed value detected before draining is the same as the tap water, which can be regarded as clean. If the displayed value exceeds the tap water, the amount of washing powder should be reduced;
6. If fruits and vegetables are soaked in water, if the TDS value is too high, chemical pollution may be suspected and attention should be paid.
7. The change in the cleanliness of the pool water can be measured during swimming in the pool, and the indication value is too high should cause attention;
8. If the value of deep well water is higher than 300, it means that the impurity content is too high;

9. Each region and city has different TDS values due to different pipelines and water sources;

10. Hard water in the north contains calcium and magnesium ions, and the TDS value is too high, which will cause scale formation; general hard water is 150~400 (scaling). Super hard water (if salt water) is greater than 400 (severe scaling).
11. After the flower fertilizer is prepared according to the regulations for the first time, measure its value, and use this number to facilitate future preparation;
12. Goldfish tank water can be measured to know its cleanliness. If the value is choking, the water should be changed in time;
13. The value of water used for mariculture can be measured for future preparation and testing.
This product is also suitable for soilless cultivation and requires a conductivity meter to measure the ion content of the nutrient solution. This product can be used for nutrient solution concentration measurement. Just subtract the value of the second measurement. The method is to measure the TDS value of the tap water once, then add the nutrient solution to measure the value, and the value of the second subtraction is the calculated value.
This pen can measure the hardness and purity of water:
If tds exceeds 40, it is not considered pure water.
Generally, the water of wells in the countryside is above 40.
RO reverse osmosis, five-stage filtration, without soft water function,
TDS value is generally less than 35, if it is with soft water function, the value should be smaller.
The TDS value of distilled water is generally close to 0
The TDS value of purified water is generally less than 10,
Tap water varies from region to region, generally between 100-400.
Precautions for use: Avoid immersing the TDS pen in water, avoid direct light and high temperature, avoid impact and heavy pressure and fall. The difference between conductivity and TDS pen
There are two different concepts, one is physical quantity and the other is electricity! But the measurement is the same. All reflect the quality of water! Conductivity is to measure the conductivity of the total ions in the water. The waterproof pen is divided into two types: conductivity and TDS! TDS is the content of solid substances dissolved in water. The value of TDS*2 is approximately equal to the value of conductivity! But not absolute.
TDS value refers to the content of solid matter dissolved in water, measured in milligrams per liter. If your water purifier has no adsorption effect on dissolved substances in the water, the TDS value will not change significantly.
The TDS value represents the total content of soluble substances in the water, such as calcium, magnesium ions and some trace minerals. The TDS value of tap water is less than or equal to 1000 mg/L. The water purifier is used to purify the water that is harmful to the human body. Purifiers for compounds such as rust, residual chlorine and methane will not reduce the content of beneficial soluble substances in the water, so the TDS value of the purified water can remain unchanged. TDS is a numerical value, but not a standard that can measure whether the water can be directly consumed.

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Water Quality Test Pen EC TDS Tester PH Meter Water Hardness Instruments

$13.19 $8.99