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Frequently Asked Questions

About CesDeals is an online e-commerce company offering over 150,000 products including Featured Brands, Consumer Electronics, Automobiles Accessories, Home Garden, Kitchen Gadgets, DIY Crafts, Electric & Tools, Lighting, Outdoors, Beauty, clothes, jewelry and watch in stock with unbeatable prices and Reassuring quality. Our Aims to be a Large integrated Shopping Platform to provide customers with a wide range of products and a quality customer experience! Most importantly, if you want to make money with us, you can join our affiliate, Recruitment and Wholesale program,feel free to contact us! is an online e-commerce company offering over 150,000 products including Featured Brands, Consumer Electronics, Automobiles Accessories, Home Garden, Kitchen Gadgets, DIY Crafts, Electric & Tools, Lighting, Outdoors, Beauty, clothes, jewelry and watch in stock with unbeatable prices and Reassuring quality. Our Aims to be a Large integrated Shopping Platform to provide customers with a wide range of products and a quality customer experience! Most importantly, if you want to make money with us, you can join our affiliate, Recruitment and Wholesale program,feel free to contact us!

1. Best Price

CesDeals owns a variety of suppliers and have driven continuous cost saving program with all sub-tier suppliers. Shopping with us, you can get 10-70% off than E-bay and other website. Of course, when you browse  the product in, if you find our product price is higher than others, please add other URL in the "Price Match". will review it and adjust the price accordingly.

2. Product Variability

China, with its strong new product introduction and producing capability, has been playing a major role in the international market. And Guangdong, where most of our manufacturer is located, is the highlight of China in this field. CesDeals takes advantage of those benefits and continuously introduce products with state of the art design, reliable quality and unbeatable price to satisfy customers' demand.

Moreover, CesDeals regards "to meet customer's changing demand" as our purpose. We timely track the top sellers in worldwide E-market and continuously communicate with customers to know what they really need. This also improves our products' popularity.

3. Optimized Shipping Process

CesDeals enjoys an optimized procedure to shorten the time from payment receiving order confirmation, sales order printing and shipping. Moreover, our strong supply chain management also facilitates the shipping process. Averagely, shopping with us, your order will be shipped within 24 hours earlier than other sites.

4. Competitive Quality chooses products to sell based on their excellent designs and proven hardware reliability. Our products are not only uniquely designed, but also made with durable materials. Moreover, we have built a very strict and comprehensive quality control system. Products will go through IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In-process Quality Control) and OQC (Out-going Quality Control) procedures before they are shipped. We also implement a quality CLCA (Closed Loop Corrective Action) mechanism to feedback quality status and drive continuous quality improvement.

5. Premium Service

CesDeals has been building a leading service team in the B2C industry. We offer service access like delicately designed FAQ, tracking service, live chat, MSN, mail, web message and forum. Moreover, telephone service is provided for VIP customers. Mails and messages are replied within 24 hours or less. What's more, we have surprises for coupon or gift for VIP customers for birthday or important holidays by which VIP customers can reward their own customers or family members.

6. Business Expansion Assistance

CesDeals contrives to create win-win situation with customers. Teeming with web marketing team, we are willing to help our customers to expand their domestic market. Customers who meet our VIP hierarchy and pass our approval will enjoy the relative support and regular training.

7.Recommend for you

Comsumer Electronics has a High Global ranking in the category of Consumer Electronics, as we focus on giving best electronics products to our customers.We have Strong and stable supply chain to provide the lateset Electronics Products including Brand Phones, Cellphone Accessories, Camera , Laptop & Tablets, Flash Drives, Game Accessories, Chargers & Cables and so on. We have Long-term cooperation with many small businesses, providing them with our latest products.Not only the quality, but also the Unbeatable Price,  

DIY Painting Crafts

DIY is such an enjoyable pastime – just look at Finished Crafts spending hours drawing with colorful diamonds or watercolors. This kind of art brings relaxation, frees your creative spirit, and allows to withdraw from daily stress in the world of bright colors and elegant forms. Select our 5D DIY Diamond Paintings or Oil Paint by Number for adults and Children into the world of creative art even if you are totally non-creative. With the beginners painting kits for you, anyone can create masterpieces!

Home Gadgets & Tools

Want a more Comfortable & Enjoyable Life? Home gadgets in Cesdeals give you a life experience you have never had before. It may look unremarkable, but has features you can't imagine! Can you imagine a Bracelet can transform into a outdoor survival tool? You can find all here.... By the way, if you want any not easily found professional tools, such as tools used for specific sizes or occasions ,try to contact us! We can help you. We can also provides wholesale service, free free to contact our customer service. adopts available high technology and encryption to protect every customer's Personal information online/offline. Personal Information is stored in a secure environment protected by a combination of physical and technical measure, only our specific staffs know the information for handling with orders. is a reliable electronic business website to offer best goods and service to customers, will not give out any customer privacy information.

Register email, Password (No any other body can get your password include our staffs, it is encrypted!)

Nickname, IP address, the date and time, browser and operating system, the URL you request, your PayPal email, your PayPal shipping address; Other information if you want to share with us, like Phone number etc.

Note: phone number is useful to postman.

When you browse our website, we may collect:

IP address, browser and operating system, the URL you request.

When you register in our website, we may collect information:

Register email, Nickname, IP address, the date and time, browser and operating system, the URL you request.

When you place orders in our website, we may collect:

Register email, Nickname, IP address, the date and time, browser and operating system, the URL you request, PayPal email, PayPal shipping address

When we have more cooperation, we may collect more information: like Phone number, your website, MSN, your reviews and testimonials etc


Our website contains links to other sites (like tracking web). Please be aware that is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies only to information collected by this website.

We need the information to process your orders and offer better services to you; we want to make it easier to tailor our products and services to your particular needs. We also want you to have the most enjoyable Internet and shopping experiences possible. This Personal Information also may be used to contact you about sales, special offers and new site features, unless you have elected not to receive promotional communications in connection with this website. However, if you do not like receive promotion emails from us, we will respect you wish.

We use email to communicate news and special promotions to our members. If you'd rather not receive these messages, you can click the unsubscribe link on the email and you will be unsubscribed from the mail list immediately and without cost.


US$9.99 for Any 3 items:

Add Any 3 Campaign items & Pay ONLY US$9.99 for them.


1、The Promotion will automatically take effect in your shopping cart.

2、The Promotion can not be used in combination with other promos.


Once you add campaign items to your shopping cart, you will find the tips for you.

Click "Continue Shopping" to Find More Campaign items.

Buy 4 Get 1 Free(Add 5 to Cart)


Add 5 products(with"Buy 4 Get 1 Free" Notice) to Cart only need pay for 4


1、5 Products = 4 paid products + Free One(Cheapest one for Free)

2、Add Every 5 products, you can enjoy one for free, 

such as you choose 5 products only pay for 4 more expensive products,

                   choose 10 products only pay for 8 more expensive products


                                              Buy more Save more

NF Points can be redeemed for Money(100 NF Points=1 US Dollar).

Customers can use NF Points to pay the order or join Campaign,such as Lucky Spin.

You can check your points in "My Account". The way to Get NF Points is below:

1. Join Us

Everyone can Sign up to get 50 NF initial points.

2. Review 

After receiving your products from, Customers have a chance to write a good review & Earn NF Points.(Note:10 Points/Only Words; 15 Points/Words+Pictures)

3. Check in

Customers can check in Everyday in "My Account". Continuous check-in can get more NF Points. (Maximum per day= 5 NF Points)


           First Day:      1 NF Point

           Second Day: 2 NF Points

           Third Day:    3 NF Points


       Ten Days Later 5 NF Points

4. Orders

Customer can get NF Points after order status turns to "Fulfilled".


The maximum amount redeemed for Each Order is 20%.(Ex.The order total is $10 USD Dollars, you can reward 2 USD Dollars at most.

Order Value (1 US Dollar)=1 NF Point

Note:Our NF Points will be Cleared once a year. (Clear Time: Dec. 31th 24:00:00 Every year).Please use your NF points before cleared.

On the cart page, you will be given the option to use coupon code for extra discount. You can use only one valid coupon code for each order.

Just Enter the promo code into the code box, then click "apply" to use it!

Still feel confused about the use of code? Feel free to contact us:

To choose your preferences or to unsubscribe, find the menu icon on the homepage, then click “Settings” to update your notification options. Please allow five days for our records to be updated. Unsubscribing from emails does not affect your user registration. 


We accept the following payment method:

     -PayPal(Contain Credit card)



We have the function of PayPal one-click order. When you choose the item you want to buy, you can click “Paypal buy now” on the product page, or you can directly choose Paypal when you settle in the shopping cart.

Please note that all orders you pay with PayPal will use the address in your PayPal account, so please carefully select the shipping address to avoid shipping to the wrong address.

If you do not receive your order or one of the products is significantly different from its description, you will be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection, which includes the price of the item plus the shipping fees. Please contact our customer service as soon as you realize there might have been something wrong with your order.

You will be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection if your case meets the following criteria:

. The item was purchased on CesDeals;

. You paid with PayPal;

. You filed only one claim per PayPal payment;

. You opened the case no later than 45 calendar days from the date of your PayPal payment and - if necessary,escalated it to a claim no more than 20 calendar days after opening your case.

. You meet the PayPal Buyer Protection requirements outlined in Section 13 of the PayPal User Agreement.

We accept payments with QIWI:

Only available for orders shipped to UA、RU、KZ.

1.Select a delivery country;

2.Enter your QIWI Wallet account number;

3.Type your e-mail address;

4.Click “Pay with QIWI”; you will then be redirected to the QIWI payment page;

5.Enter your account password and click “Pay”;

6.Your payment will be processed;

7.You will be redirected to your order confirmation page.

We accept WebMoney as a payment method:

Only available for orders shipped to RU、BE、UA、MD、IR、PK.

1.Select your shipping address or create a new one;

2.Choose WebMoney as the payment method of your order;

3.Enter your e-mail address. You will be redirected to the WebMoney payment website;

4.Select the payment option you prefer among the 3 options listed here below:

- WebMoney Quick payment;

- Web Money Keeper;

- Other methods - Cash and cashless;

5.Insert your account details and the verification code;

6.Click “Next”;

7.An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone, and it will contain a verification code;

8.Copy and paste the code in the WebMoney payment page;

9.After the payment has been confirmed, an invoice will be sent to your e-mail address and you will be redirected to your order details page.

Shipping insurance offers premium protection and safety for your valuable item during shipping.We'll reship your package or fully refund you if it's reported lost or damaged.Insurance can be selected during the checkout process. The cost of insurance varies based on the value of the product.

The estimated shipping times displayed at CesDeals refer to the estimated time that the shipment will take after an order has been shipped. CesDeals is not responsible for the failures or delays in delivery resulting from any force majeure event, such as natural disaster, bad weather, war, and any other event beyond our direct control, such as public holidays, customs issues.


 CesDeals is also not responsible for losses caused by a delay or failure in delivery resulting from any of the situations listed below:

1.Refusal to pay import taxes or to comply with the Customs regulations of your country; 

2.Any product that is destroyed by local authorities in accordance with local laws relating to the illegal or restricted importation of products;

3.Any un-insured order that is lost or stolen.

Every country has its own import regulations and restrictions. You can contact or refer to the official website of your local post office or customs agency to estimate the amount of import duties you may have to pay.


The shipping and insurance fees you pay do not include import tariffs. do not bear any tariffs, so please make an estimate of the tariff before you shopping.


Placing online order steps as follows:

Note: CesDeals cannot accept retail orders by phone, fax, or email, all orders must be placed on line. Wholesaler could contact us: to negotiate details.

1.Sign in / Register / As guest

Preferential Polity:

Each new register will get 50 points which can change for "$0.5 cash" after your E-mail address verified.

PS: 100 CesDeals points = $1 Cash

2.Find the Items You Want

Keyword search boxes and browse lists are located on every page of website. Click the title / picture of the item to see its detail page.

3.Add the Items to

on the upper right corner of the web page will show the items status.


↑ offer Shipping service to worldwide countries.

↑ But only freely provide tracking number when each one order amount is more than $ 20. If your order Amount is less than 20$USD and you want to get tracking number, you can choose, Tracking Number will be offered to you!

↑Click "checkout with multiple addresses", you can send items to different addresses.

5.Remove items

-Click  next to the title, the item will be removed from your current Shopping Cart.

-Click  to update shopping cart.

6.Check Out Payment Information only accepts payment via PayPal, you can reference Payment FAQ.

-Click to checkout by step to step.

-Click to checkout directly.

If you haven't ID in the PayPal, please create one as per the instruction of PayPal on the web:

-Click  to use points, each new register will get 50 Cesdeals Points.

7. Check Shipping Address / Billing Address Before Payment

Before check out, please check and confirm your shipping address where your package will be sent.

If you have to change shipping address, you can contact customer service timely before package sent.

Yes! Click on the icon at the top of the homepage to directly search for hundreds of items. Whether it’s "headphone" or "toy”, quickly and easily find what’s currently available on CesDeals.

The order begins processing soon after placement, so the quickest solution is to place a new order for the additional item.

Yes, contact Customer Service (Email: to make any changes to your shipping details. Keep in mind that an address can only be changed if the order has not yet shipped.

Our shipping partners are unable to ship to APO/FPO military addresses. So please provide a street address for your order. PO boxes address is accepted except shipping by Express delivery.

a.    Cancel an unpaid order:

        To cancel an unpaid order, simply log into your account, go to “My Orders” and cancel the unnecessary order by clicking the “Cancel Order” button.

b.       Cancel a paid order:

You can cancel it before the order status changes to “Processing.”

Log into your account and send a message or find "Online Chat" if it is urgent, we will make arrangements as soon as possible. Please note that once the order is shipped out, it is unable to be canceled. You can wait to see if you like it or not, if you find that you are still not satisfied with the item, please refer to the instructions found under the category “Return”.

a.Log into " My Account " ; 

b.Enter into " My Orders " ; 

c.Once we have received your payment, all CesDeals orders will show various order status stages before being shipped out.

“Locked” means that your order do not ship out due to incomplete information of your order,

Please check your email,we have send the confirmation email to you,please reply us in email.

We try our best to ensure that all orders are shipped within 48 hours, but sometimes excessive orders, warehouse shipping out delays, so there will be a delay of 3 to 7 working days, please understand us. Once the stock is sufficient, we will ship it to you immediately.

In addition to product costs, you may have to pay for shipping when you want to choose another shipping method, but the shipping costs here do not include any tariffs and other charges. If you choose Express delivery, you may be required to pay  customs fees, do not bear any customs fees.


We'll inform you via an email once your order is shipped out. Log into your account, then you can find the shipping by these steps "My Orders->View Details->Track". Also you can send an email to ask about shipping.

The processing time is separate from the shipping time. Usually, it takes 1-2 business days to prepare the order. Occasionally, the higher quality items might have a slightly longer preparation time in addition to the 5 business days. However, an email will be sent to you if the processing time is abnormal. Please pay attention to your email box about our notification whether about the shipping notification or the processing problem.

The delivery time varies from country to country. For more details regarding delivery time, please check:

Shipping charge varies from country to country and we offer free standard shipping once your order reaches certain amount. For more details, please check:

CesDeals partners with major international shipping companies such as DHL, Fedex and EMS to offer four shipping methods:

Airmail - cheapest shipping method without tracking number

Registered Airmail - with tracking number

Express Delivery

Standard Delivery

For more details, please check:

In some cases, there will be VAT or custom duties levied by your destination country. The recipient must pay additional charges for custom duties or taxes. Custom duties and taxes vary from country to country.

Usually your entire order will be shipped in one package. However, if your order includes products from manufacturers in different locations, multiple packages may ship to fulfill a single order.

Where to track my parcel?

We only support Registered Airmail, Direct Line, and Express delivery to track the parcel.

1.      Registered Airmail

2.      Direct Line  Tracking Noe.gBRD14105510100093 Tracking Noe.gP00002750  Tracking Noe.g 80016241----

3.      Express



Any question, please contact us:

Return and Exchange

Your happiness is our priority. In these special circumstances, please contact us at for a quick response and assistance.

For exchanges, the processing time for the exchanged item will be between 3-6 business days, upon receiving your item back to our warehouse, and depending on stock availability.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. You may return an item that you are not satisfied with within 30 days after receiving your order and receive a full refund once we receive the returned package. Contact to assist you in the return process.

Please note that any shipping fee you paid for the order will not be included in the refund. You are responsible for return shipping fees. 

Not the case for return

1.Non-Stisfied Goods
If you receive your products and you are not completely satisfied you may return the items to us.
Returns will take approximately 5 working days for the process once the goods have arrived. 
Items must be in their original packaging, all the original boxes must be intact and included, along with all packaging materials, manuals, blank warranty cards, plus all accessories and documents provided by the manufacturer.

Discounted or end of line products can only be returned for repair. No refunds or replacements will be made.

3.Incorrect/Damaged Goods
We try very hard to ensure that you receive your order in pristine condition. If you do not receive the products ordered, please contact us. In the unlikely event that the product arrives damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately.


Know more:

Step 1: Send a return request to with your order number and the item/s you wish to return.

Step 2: Our customer service will reply with a RAN (return authorization number) within 24 hours.

Step 3: Pack up the item/s you want to return and send it back to our warehouse (address in the email with RAN).

Step 4: Wait for the package to be delivered to our warehouse. Once our warehouse receives the package, we will process refund to you within 2 business days.


a. Underwear, Swimwear, Leggings and Accessories are not eligible to be returned or exchanged.

b. All returned item/s must be in resalable condition, item/s that arrived damaged will not be eligible for refund.

c. We are not responsible for any items that are returned to us by mistake.

Please FOLLOW our terms described:


We would like to hear from you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email Our customer service hotline could be busy, so please email us your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.