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12V 10W COB Panel Light LED Strip Light Lamp Bulb 120X36mm Warm White/White

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12V voltage, directly connected to the battery;
Surface light with soft light effect;
Safe low voltage, suitable for car lighting or special purpose and so on.
Desk lamp light source, and DIY lamps;
COB surface light, soft and balanced effect;

COB light source advantages:
1. Separated light source, no glare glare. The greater the power of the LED light source, the more dazzling the light, not suitable for children to use the family, but the LED surface light source production process to solve the led light glare problem, the use of a wider range, more secure.
2. High thermal conductivity, low light failure and long service life. Generation of second generation led packaging technology poor thermal design, led after the second use of a large number of heat sink can not quickly export heat, resulting in finished light led lamp light fast. Led surface light source using cob production process, abandon the straw hat and patch lamp beads metal stent packaging mode, directly on the chip mounted on the excellent thermal conductivity of the metal substrate, thermal efficiency than the lamp-type led light source increased several times , A significant reduction in the led light source of light failure, effectively ensure the life of the led lamps
3. Balanced light with no stains or shadows. Single high-power LED light source mostly use the lens to improve the luminous efficiency, that is, increase the cost and make the light angle smaller; and the use of multi-led lamp beads will appear light and uneven ghost phenomenon. Led surface light source is the whole package, advanced technology perfect solution to the problem of led light beads uneven color, the whole surface light, light uniform light effect is good, is the future of indoor lighting with energy-saving light source of choice.
4. Stable performance, easy to assemble and use. Led surface light source of the overall package molding, to achieve a led lighting light source modular production, users do not need to use the secondary processing, the use of simple,
Can be directly applied to the whole lamp production, suitable for extensive promotion.
5. Light without flicker, no UV band, green and in line with energy saving and environmental protection needs

Color: white (6000-6500K), warm white (3000-3200K);
Size: 120 X 36mm/4.72 X 1.42\"
Operating voltage: 12V
Power: 10W

Package Content:
1 X LED COB Strip Light