20m/roll Waterproof Seamless Double-sided Tape

20m/roll Waterproof Seamless Double-sided Tape

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Good conformability on curved surfaces to fill uneven surfaces.
Waterproof, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, no residual glue.

Product material: PE foam adhesive
Color: Red
Product thickness: 1mm
Product size: 8mm/0.31in widex20m/65.61ft

1. Car trim strips, front trim strips, rear trim strips, sill strips, rear trim panels, stainless steel fuel tank trim.
Pedal, door handle, wheel arc, block flow, plate brake light, corner bumper, Bumper anti-collision board.
Nameplates, signs, jeep bumper skirts, car metal plaques, water guides, sealing strips, interior panels, fixing of auto parts.
Mirror, sun visor, various panels, top plate assembly.
Paste of all kinds of car / motorcycle nameplate mark letters.
2. Industrial logo, the binding of letters, Chinese characters and patterns of materials such as aluminum, PC, PP and ABS in the signage.
The electronic street sign, the LED board and the sign frame are bonded and fixed.
Panels such as household appliances, decorative strips, assembly of air-conditioning equipment, and glass LEDs are assembLED and fixed.
Bonding of steel plates, bonding of reinforcing ribs, fixing of glass and stainless steel.
3. Mobile phone, PCB, assembly, LCD TV panel bonding.
Fix the nameplate, label and bond.
Door and window assembly, glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, elevator wall panel installation and fixing.

STEP1: Clean the posted parts and keep them dry
STEP2: Remove the adhesive. Under normal circumstances, while slowly sticking it, use a tool to flatten it while uncovering the adhesive.
STEP3: If the adhesive is not in place during the pasting process, you can freely tear the tape. The high-quality tape itself has a highly traceless technology that allows you to barely see traces when you tear it open.
STEP4: When the tape is pasted, it should be pasted with one end and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the chance of bubble generation.
STEP5: After the sticking is completed, squeeze it out moderately and finish.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X PE Red Film White Double-sided Foam Tape