315 MHz Duplicator Copy Remote Control 4 Channel Garage Door Key Fob

315 MHz Duplicator Copy Remote Control 4 Channel Garage Door Key Fob

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315 MHz Duplicator Cloning Copy Remote Control 4 Channel Garage Door Gate Key Fob Universal
- High compatibility - can copy a variety of remote control types and brands;
- Small copy error and high waveform accuracy;
- It can be used as a learning remote controller via setting;
- Tranmistting distance up to 100 meters;
- The copy and the original remote control function coexist, perfectly combining the two remote controls into one;

Additional features:
1. - Through speical setting (equivalent to a copy machine), the original remote control\'s address code, pulse width, button value and other parameters can be wirelessly transmitted to copying remote control without opening the case.
   - You can change the oscillation resistance, button arrangement, etc. of the remote control via special setting.
   - You can change to other codes via special setting: such as HT6P20, EV1527, PT2262, PT2240.

2. Lock data
- Finish copying all 4 keys before locking;
- Press S3+S4 at the same time, do not let go;
- After the LED flashes for about 30 times, turns off for 1 second, and then the LED flashes.
- Locking OK;
- The clear operation is disabled after locking, the data is protected and is no longer cleared by mistake;

3. Unlock data after locking
- Press S1+S2 at the same time to transmit the signal at all times, do not let go;
- Wait until the signal transmission stops automatically (about 10 to 15 seconds, depending on the length of one frame code), and the LED keeps flashing.
- Unlocking OK
- After unlocking, clear operation is available;

Type: B
Applicable voltage: 3-12V
Working current: 6-10mA
Transmitting frequency: 315 MHz
Modulation method: ASK/OOK
Pulse width: 410US-4000US

Compatible remote control code chip
- PT2264 \\ PT2262 \\ PT2260 \\ HS2260 \\ HS2262 \\ SC2262 \\ SC2260
- EV1527 \\ HS1527 \\ FP527 \\ EV1528 \\ EV1530 \\ PT2240 \\
- HT12E \\ HT12D \\ HT12F \\ HT6P20B \\ HT6P20D \\ HT6P237A \\ HT6P247A \\ HT6P427A \\ HT6P437A \\ HT600 \\ HT680 \\ HT6207 \\ HT6010 \\ HT6012 \\ HT6014 \\
- SMC918 \\ SC5262 \\ SMC926 \\ VD5036 \\ VD5326 \\
- HC101 \\ HCS200 \\ HCS201 \\ HCS300 \\ HCS301 \\ (Partial can be used)
- Microcontroller code (partial)

Copy method
1. One hand holding the original remote control and the other hand holding our remote control.
2. Press one of the <> buttons on our remote control first, the LED will flash 2 times and then go out. At this time, it will enter the copy state.
3. Place the original remote control side by side, and then press one of the original remote control buttons to keep pressing.
4. You can see our remote control LED flashes 3 times, after 2 seconds, the LED light is always on, copy completed;
5. Follow the same process for the other 3 keys;
6. After copying 4 keys, you can replace the original remote control;

Button usage function
Clear: Press (S1+S2) at the same time, press and hold for 2 seconds, the LED will always flash, clear completed;
Recovery: Press (S3+S4) at the same time, press and hold for 2 seconds, the LED will always flash, recovery completed;

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not show the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.