4.5W/12Volt Smart Power Solar Panel Charger for Car Boat Motorcycle

4.5W/12Volt Smart Power Solar Panel Charger for Car Boat Motorcycle

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1. Its main function is to Juan flow through the solar charging for your car battery to supplement the battery part of the loss of power
2. The battery in the long-term power shortage in the state, not only environmentally friendly energy, and effective maintenance battery, extended battery use life, but also for other 12V rechargeable battery emergency charge. 
3. Suitable for vehicles in outdoor work or travel or camping training
4. In addition, you optional 12-24VDC turn 5V1A converter (USB output connector), with it you can through our 12V4.5W solar products directly to your mobile phone, digital camera or other 5VDC input precious charge. Guests can also self-configuring 12V laptop charging cable and adapter can also be part of the notebook computer to supplement the electricity in the sunlight. 

Material: single crystal or polycrystalline silicon solar panels
Product size: 320X120X5mm
Solar panels to power consumption: 12V4.5W
No-load voltage 18-22VDC
Output current: up to more than the standard light source 10000LUX 250mA

1. Directly on the car dashboard in front of the workbench, this way sunlight absorption capacity is not strong.
2. Two elastic bands of the back of the product directly set in the car visor, the effect of absorbance.
3. Sucker does not affect the safe the sunlight easy exposure to the windshield (or other location), absorbance better.

1. Prior to use, make sure the positive and negative of this product must be familiar with the products is charged positive and negative.
2. Be sure to use the product of random parts, self-configuring other accessories, please consult your supplier.
3. If there is no professional and technical personnel, please do not try to change the circuit or use of the product!
4. Cigarette lighter plug and battery cable clamps are extreme are installed backflow prevention diode, without worrying about the reflux, so long-term use is better. But after some lock car cigarette lighter still energized, so a few days before the first use Note: the red in the evening on the product plug also lit the lamp, in order to show the life of the lamp, night will pull the plug cigarette lighter! !
5. Products in their best working hours 9:00 am-17: 00 (mainly for sunlight, weather)
6. Recommended temperature: -20--+45 ℃,now that the global temperature rising, so long time exposure please no abnormal advertent product.

Special note: 
Due to now have cell phones or other electronic products have special requirements on the charge (such as IPhone. HTC and other phone requires constant voltage constant current and other special requirements) or defect itself (such as backflow and overcharge protection function is poor), so charging will give them unsuitable or unstable, so the initial charge to mobile phones pay special attention to whether the normal charge, some phone are not applicable.

1 x Car charger cigarette lighter plug (power cord 3 m)
1 x The battery charging clip line                   
2 x PVC35mm sucker                            
1 x Brochure (English)