433MHz Car Key Garage Door Opener Remote Control Duplicator 433.92 MHz

433MHz Car Key Garage Door Opener Remote Control Duplicator 433.92 MHz

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433MHz Remote Control Car Key Garage Door Gate Opener Remote Control Duplicator Clone Fixed Code 433.92 MHz
Multifunctional, multivariable, personalized and easy-to-use design.
This smart remote control duplicator is suitable for electric door remote control, retractable door remote control, garage door remote control.

Material: plastic
Nominal voltage: 12V 27A battery (included)
Working current: 88mA
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Transmitting power: ≤100mW
Uses: garage doors, motorcycles, car alarm products, home security products, short-distance wireless remote control products, industrial control products
Wireless transmission distance: 50-150m (open space)

Chip types that support cloning:
2260 (pt2260, sc2260, lx2260, hx2260); 2262, (pt2262, sc2262, lx2262, hx2262, hx2262), pt2264, pt2240 (lx2240), 1527 (ev1527, hs1527, fp), fp527, fp, sm, smc926, ax5026 , AX5326-3, AX5326-4, ht600, ht680, ht6207, ht6010, ht6012, ht6013, ht6014, ht12d, pic16f629, pic16f630, etc.
Different chip manufacturers have different chip prefixes because the digital part of the chip can be the same model.
Note: We generally do not recommend copying the rolling code chip, because there are many uncertainties when copying the rolling code chip. When copying the rolling code chip remote control, it is impossible to determine whether the original remote control chip is an encryption chip. Therefore, we do not recommend copying the scroll code remote control.

Steps for usage:
1. Clear the password: press the unlock button and the lock button with two fingers at the same time; the led light flashes 3 times quickly within about 2 seconds; release one finger (the other hand cannot be released), and then use the released Quickly click the release button with your finger 3 times until the LED light flashes quickly; both fingers can release; then press any button on the remote control; when the LED light is off, it means that the code is cleared successfully (all four keys are empty ); If the indicator light is still on after pressing any button on the remote control, it means that the original password has not been cancelled successfully. You need to clean up again. Only by successfully cleaning up the code can you clone successfully. You can clean and clone the code repeatedly.
2. Copy: Take the original remote control in the left hand and the cloned remote control in the right hand, and keep the two remote controls as close as possible. Press the first button of the two remote controls at the same time; within about 2 seconds, the LED light will flash 2 times quickly; after one second, the indicator light will continue to flash and release your finger; after successful learning, press this button, The indicator light will stay on, which means that the first key control code on the original remote control has been copied to another remote control; you can use the same method to turn on the second key, the third key... if copied If successful, the remote control function is the same as the corresponding original remote control.
3. Restore: When you accidentally erase the copy of the remote control code, you can press the two keys at the bottom of the remote control copy at the same time, the led light will flash quickly, press any key and release it, and it will stay on. The code has been restored. Before using our remote copy control, please make sure to delete the existing code from the remote control.
4. How to deal with the situation that some keys can be controlled, but others cannot be controlled? You can use clear and reset operations as follows:
The first clear code;
After the compensation code, copy the failed key again without copying the remaining buttons;
Then clear the code again;
Recovery code; at this time, the new code will overwrite the original key that was not successfully copied, and will now retain the original key that was successfully copied. If there is no copy after the second key copy, please repeat the above steps again and again until all keys are successfully copied.

1. Prerequisites for selecting the remote control: the original remote control function is normal, the remote control chip is the same or compatible, and the operating frequency of the remote control is the same.
2. The remote control can only copy fixed codes, learning code chips and some single-chip remote controls (for copying chip models, please refer to the copyable chip types).
3. Two-way remote control, rolling code remote control, remote control MCU encryption program cannot be copied. For example, hcs200, hcs201, hcs300, hcs301, etc.
4. Before copying the remote control, please make sure that the code on the remote control has been cancelled, and confirm that the code has been cancelled successfully. Otherwise, it will not be able to copy.
5. Make sure your remote has enough power, the distance between the two remotes is better! If the copy distance is too close, the switch will copy at a different angle. Press and hold the button on the original remote control to make the signal completely normal, then press the button on the remote control to make sure that the function is fully copied

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.