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433MHz Wireless Remote Control 4 Key Cloning Duplicator Key for Garage Door

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433MHz Wireless 4 Keys Copy Cloning Garage Door Remote Control Duplicator Key for Electric Gate Remote Controller 
The four buttons can respectively copy four different types of chips, that is, a remote control can operate four different types of facilities. The frequency ranges from 270MHz to 434MHZ and more than ten frequency points. The data copy speed is faster, not easy to lose codes, and the distance is far.

Using high-performance radio frequency chip, crystal oscillator frequency stabilization, accurate frequency point;
Long transmission distance, no directionality, high transmission sensitivity, no signal blocking;
It can copy most of the fixed code and learning code wireless remote control, the copy speed is fast, and the operation is simple;
After copying, it will not affect the original remote control;
Automatic code matching when copying, use directly without coding;

Product model: AK-K200911
Modulation mode: ASK modulation
Operating voltage: 3V button cell 2032
Launch distance: 40 meters
Working frequency: 433MHZ (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Standby power consumption: less than 0.1uA
Working temperature: -20-70℃
Weight: 17g
Size: 66*35*15mm/2.6*1.37*0.6in

Clear code method:
Press and hold the unlock and lock buttons at the same time (some shells have two up and down buttons), the LED indicator flashes three times, release any one of the pressed buttons, and the other is not released, click the released button three times, LED The indicator light enters a fast flashing state, and all the data in the memory is cleared at this time. After the data is cleared, the remote control will not light up no matter which button is pressed.
Copy method:
Hold the original remote control in one hand and the copy remote control in the other. Keep the two remote controllers as close as possible (ideally place the two remote controls close to each other on the desktop) and press the desired copy button , The LED indicator flashes quickly three times and then flashes quickly, the copy is successful, and the other keys are operated in the same way. Some remote controllers have low transmitting power, so the original remote control and the copy remote control should be operated back-to-back for duplication. If there is interference in some operating environments, you should avoid the interference operation. If the copy is not easy to use, copy it again after clearing the code. 

Recovery instructions:
If the useful code is cleared by misoperation, you can press the two buttons on the back (below) of the remote control at the same time before copying the other remote control again. After the indicator light flashes quickly for 3 times, the recovery is successful.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.