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60cm 007S PCI-E Riser 1X 16X USB3.0 Adapter Card Cable Wire for BTC Miner

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60cm PCEI64P-N03 007S PCI-E Riser Express 1X 16X USB3.0 Adapter Card Extension Cable for BTC Miner

PCI-E 1X to 16X Riser Card USB 3.0 PCI-E Riser Adapter Port Card Extender Wire for BTC Miner

1. Special equipment wire to ensure data transmission without blocking, faster than before, to strengthen the stability of the voltage, protect equipment.
2. 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X compatibility (both 1-16X and 16-16X can be used), PCB PCIe switching lines are completely new, safer, more efficient, and more practical.
3. It has solved the problems of the traditional line welding spot burning, the attenuation of transmission signal and the lack of wire length.

1. The power supply of the graphics card uses four FP solid state capacitors, and the burning machine chips are used to make the card work more stable.
2. Add 3pcs LED indicator lights.
3. Gold plated USB3.0 interface, faster and more stable.
4. The switch card can supply the power supply separately, so that the power supply of the developing card is independent from the main board, and the burden of the main board is lighten when the card is connected.
5. The graphics card slot adopts the original input connector to make the graphics card contact better.
6. PCI-E connector uses multi-layer shielded wire, the longest can be connected to 3m without attenuation signal.
7. The wire is soft, the wiring is convenient, the graphics card can be placed at will.
8. The slot is fastened with a fixed clip, so it is convenient to disassemble and fix the graphics card so that the card will not fall off from the slot.

Model: PCEI64P-N03 007S
Cable length: approx. 60cm/23.62''
Interface: PCI-E 1X PCI-E 16X USB3.0
Packing: PE Bag

1. It is suitable for the main board PCI-E slot (1X 2X 4X 8X 16X). Please plug in the power cable of the floppy drive when using. When the PCI-E is extended, the wire must be broken and then plugged. When used, please watch the matters of attention.
2. The matching wire is custom-made, and must not be inserted into any cable.
3. When plug the wire, please recognize the direction, do not insert reverve or insert deviation, prevent burning equipment.
4. When inserting the wire, hold the device socket and insert the cable to avoid the excessive force and broken the socket pin.
5. SATA15pin is a power standard piece. Please check if it is put in place when the power is inserted. Be careful when the cable is plugged.

Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Content:
4 X PCI-E 16X interface
4 X PCI-E 1X riser board
4 X USB3.0 cable