ANENG Digital AC/DC 10V/48V/1000V Voltage Tester Pen Volt Detector Sensor

ANENG Digital AC/DC 10V/48V/1000V Voltage Tester Pen Volt Detector Sensor

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Product Description:
This new type of pen screwdriver has three colors: black, red and orange.
It can detect the voltage and signal intensity of the electrified Part. The detection range is AC12V 1000V; AC48V 1000V.
Two AAA batteries are used for power supply (not included) and LED lighting for easy use after power failure.

Material: ABS
Size: 156.3*26.2*26.2mm/6.15*1.03*1.03\"
Weight: 33g
Detection range: AC12V 1000V; AC48V 1000V

Safety instructions:
To avoid possible electric shock or personal injury:
Please use the tester strictly according to this instruction, otherwise the protective function provided by the tester may be affected.
If the power indicator is not lit, do not use it.
Before use, test on a known live power supply to ensure that the product is in good working condition. When using this tester, even if there is no sound or light meal, there may still be voltage. The tester only indicates the effective voltage when there is an AC voltage to generate a sufficiently gentle electrostatic field. If the electric field intensity is very low, the tester may not be able to detect it. The tester may be affected by the following factors, including but not limited to:
Shielded wire/cable, thickness and type of insulation layer, distance of high voltage source, difference of complete insulation layer and socket design, etc.
If the tester is damaged or the tester is not working properly, do not use it. Before use, special checks should be made to check whether the probe is cracked or broken. If you suspect any problems, please send the tester to repair in time.
Do not apply a voltage that exceeds the rated voltage marked on the tester.
Particular care should be taken to test the voltage above 36V in order to avoid the danger of electric shock.
Comply with local national security standards.
Use appropriate protective equipment in accordance with local or national authorities.

Panel description:
Probe (sensor head);
Induction voltage signal indicator lamp;
The signal intensity indicator is high (H), medium (M) and low (L).
Power switch key with power indicator lamp;
Flashlight switch key;
AC Voltage Detection Range Switch Key (S) with Detection Range Indicator; Battery Cover.

Battery replacement: press the following figure:
Rotate the battery cover as shown.
Remove old batteries.
Install new batteries according to positive and negative battery instructions
Warning: To avoid electric shock, do not use the battery cover before it is fastened in place.

Operational instructions:
Turn on/off the tester:
Turn on the tester: press the power switch key, self-check the tester, flashlight, induction voltage signal indicator lamp, signal intensity indicator lamp (high, medium and low), button indicator lamp flickers at the same time, power indicator lamp is always on. Turn off the tester: When the tester is open, press the power switch key and the power indicator lights out.

Turn on/off the flashlight:
Open the flashlight: In the open state of the tester, press the flashlight switch key and open the flashlight.
Turn off the flashlight: When the flashlight is open, press the switch key of the flashlight and extinguish the flashlight.
If the flashlight is not turned off, it will go out automatically in about 5 minutes.

AC Voltage Detection:
The probe of the tester is inserted into the power socket or near the live wire. When the tester detects the AC voltage signal, the induction voltage signal indicator flashes. According to the detected signal strength, the tester lights up the corresponding signal intensity indicator (high, medium and low). At the same time, the beehive emits alarm sounds of different frequencies. When induction to AC voltage signal, the L signal intensity indicator (low) flashes; when induction to higher AC voltage signal, the M signal intensity indicator (medium) is long; when induction to the highest AC voltage signal, the H signal intensity indicator (high) 3 lights flashes.

Zero Line/Fire Line Discrimination:
The two wires to be detected are separated as far as possible, and then the probes of the tester are respectively close to the wires. If it is a socket, the probes are inserted into the sockets. The one with strong induction signal detected by the tester is a fire line, and the one with weak or no induction signal is a zero line.

Selection of AC Voltage Detection Range:
The detection range of silent AC voltage is about 48 1000V.
The switch key (S) of AC voltage detection range is pressed lightly, and the indicator light of detection range is lit. The detection voltage range of the tester is about 12 1000V.
Then press the switch key (S) of AC voltage detection range lightly, and the detection range indicator lights out. The detection voltage range of the tester is about 48-1000V.

Automatic shutdown function:
When the tester is not operated for about 5 minutes and no voltage signal is detected, the tester will shut down automatically.
Battery undervoltage indication:
When the battery voltage is less than 2.6V, the power indicator flashes three times and the buzzer calls to shut down automatically. Please replace the battery in time.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 X Voltage Tester Pen