ANENG Ultrasonic Rat Mouse Pest Repellent Electronic Mosquito Insect Killer

ANENG Ultrasonic Rat Mouse Pest Repellent Electronic Mosquito Insect Killer

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ANENG Multifunctional Indoor Rodent Control Ultrasonic Rat Mouse Pest Repellent Electronic Cockroach Mosquito Insect Killer
Material: ABS + electronic components
Size: 135x76.7x32mm/5.31x3.02x1.26in
Voltage: 6V(4 X No. 2 dry battery, 1.5V/pc)
Power: 0.12W
Application: Family, canteen, warehouse, hotel, farm, etc.

Before using the device, please read the following carefully.
Do not use in high temperature and humid environment.
For the convenience of users, it is recommended that users should pay attention to the following issues when using this product:
1. Because the ultrasonic wave propagates in a straight line, it will reflect when it hits an object. Due to the reflection, the ultrasonic wave will fill the entire room. However, if there are more absorbent ultrasonic materials in the room (such as carpets, sofas and curtains), the performance of the ultrasonic waves will be reduced.
Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through walls, doors and windows. If there are multiple rooms in the house, tall obstacles or a single area, it is recommended to install additional drive (insect) equipment to ensure the effect.
2. In order to ensure the effect, the ultrasonic transmitter should be as far as possible to the open area of the room, and avoid obstacles.The first meter can be used in a special situation. to ensure the effect, please do not try to keep the doors and windows of the protection area open, so as to avoid pests shaking around and will not have sufficient impact.
4. Do not place it outdoors (this product is not waterproof); it cannot be used at high temperatures.
5. This product is harmless to humans or pets.

The mouse control device uses an IC imported from the Schmitt trigger chip, which generates a sound wave frequency of 12.5 KHz, which can effectively stimulate the auditory system and nervous system of the mouse, make the rat feel uncomfortable and irritable, and stay away from the sound source purpose.

1. Remove the back cover, and then put 4 X No. 2 dry batteries into the box. Please note that the positive and negative polarities of the dry battery cannot be wrong, and the elastic spring end of the box is negative.
2. Pull the switch on the edge of the box to the ON state, that is, the mousetrap is in working state.
12.5KHz frequency of 3.0 seconds to 50 seconds (50 seconds plus or minus 5 seconds) signal;
Signal from 40 seconds to 2:30 in the first minute (2 minutes and 30 seconds, plus or minus 5 seconds). The frequency is 6.5KHz;
The third minute is 20 seconds to 4 minutes and 10 seconds (4 minutes 10 seconds + 5 seconds) to send a signal at a frequency of 12.5KHz;
A signal of 6 to 6 minutes and 50 seconds (6 minutes, 50 seconds + 5 seconds) is sent at a frequency of 6.5KHz.
And so on, work regularly.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
1 X Ultrasonic Pest Repeller