Baby Car Mirror Backseat Rear View Facing Kid Infant Safety Seat Mirror

Baby Car Mirror Backseat Rear View Facing Kid Infant Safety Seat Mirror

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Baby Car Mirror 360 Rotation Shatterproof Backseat Rear View Facing Kids Infants Safety Seat Mirror
No harm to baby. The view is large, the angle can be adjusted, and the baby can be seen.
There are double straps for easy installation.
When driving, based on the principle of reflection, you does not need to turn dangerously and can watch the baby at any time through the original rearview mirror. The baby can also see you.

- Easy to install and securely fastened
- Mounted on the upper side of backseat, user-friendly strap design, easy to disassemble, can be carried around
- 360 degree free rotation design (suitable for any headrest height)
- Tens of life and durability, steady and convenient

Material characteristics:
1. The mirror surface is not made of glass. It is made of acrylic plastic material. It is environmentally safe and not easy to break. It will not scratch children!
2. Large size and light weight!
3. Rotate to adjust the angle, wide and clear field of view!
4. High-quality double straps, more stable, will not drop on baby halfway!
Round frame, ABS material, hard and secure.
High quality polyester safety straps.
ABS ergonomic design buckle, solid and durable buckle, not easy to drop halfway to avoid hurting your baby.

Product weight: 570g
Product size: 29 x 19cm/11.4 x 7.48\"
Applications: large convex mirror, expand the field of view to show you the full range of movements of your baby

Package Content:
1 x Baby Car Mirror