BSIDE X1 Non Contact - Digital Multimeter

BSIDE X1 Non Contact - Digital Multimeter

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BSIDE X1 Voltage Detector Large EBTN LCD Display Non Contact Live Wire Tester Voltmeter Multimeter Continuity Ohm Hz Tester
BSIDE X1 belongs to the ultra-large EBTN screen multi-function voltage tester in 2021.
The product has a 2.0-inch smart display and adds the test attributes of a smart multimeter. With the increasing importance of electricity safety, this product will become a necessity in your daily life.
At the same time optimize the use of functions and test experience.And added the latest design of "Strong sensitivity detection mode".

1. Non-contact and pen shaped desigh,convenient to operate and carry.
2. EBTN ultra-clear display, clear and easy to read.
3. Dual mode operation.(Low sensitivity and High sensitivity)
4. Has Induction dangerous voltage alarm, DC/AC voltage, Resistance, Frequency, Live/Neutral wire distinction, Live Wire Breakpoint Locate, Continuity check, flashlight features etc.
5. This product has a Self-test function at boot time. It can effectively detect whether the product can work normally and avoid wrong judgment. More Safety!
6. Has 8 LED indicators in 3 colors (Red/Yellow): Automatic identification of high/medium/low voltage.
7. Alarm mode:Sound, Analog strip and light (Red/Yellow).
8. LED spotlight, Battery low voltage reminder, Auto power off features.
9. Safety level: CAT II 600V.
10. Compliance with international safety standards.

Material: ABS + electronic components
Display: 2000 counts
Screen: 2 inches
DC voltage: 600V 0.01V ± (0.8% + 3)
AC voltage: 600V 0.01V ± (1.2% + 5)
Resistance: 10MΩ1Ω± (1.2% + 3)
Frequency: 1000Hz 1Hz ± (2.0% + 3)
Continuity: If the resistance is less than 30Ω, the buzzer sounds V alarm (non-contact voltage detection)
Power supply: 1.5V (AAA) x 2 (not included)
Size: 160 * 31 * 28mm/6.30*1.22*1.10"
Weight: about 69g

There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.