Car Auto 12V Red Green Dual Display LED Digital Thermometer Voltmeter

Car Auto 12V Red Green Dual Display LED Digital Thermometer Voltmeter

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1. The product design into some cigarette type, use, directly inserted into the car cigarette lighter, very convenient
2.12-24 v input voltage, can be used in automotive, truck, rv, boat, bus, etc
3. The thermometer can test - 10-80 ℃ temperature, may at any time within the check-out car current state temperature.
4. The voltage meter can measure 8-36 v voltage, pay close attention to the car voltage state at any time, can timely deal with emergency and ensure driving safety
5. This product is charging circuit adopts special high efficient IC design, with makings fastidious, charging for a long time no fever, prolong service life, ensure use safety
Auto car seal voltmeter with cigarette lighter type thermometer voltmeter thermometer double LED display 12V


Name: car one voltmeter + thermometer
Model: CS - 302
Size: 4 cm in diameter, length: 7.5 cm
Material: ABS environmental protection, intelligent IC chip surface
Light color: Red + Blue,  Red + Red, Red + Green display
The input voltage: 12 to 24V
Voltage measurement range: DC8-36V
Temperature measurement range: - 10-80 ℃

Installation method: use, directly inserted into the cigarette lighter car inside can be normal use