Electronic Food Salinity Tester Pen LED Indicator Salt Concentration Meter

Electronic Food Salinity Tester Pen LED Indicator Salt Concentration Meter

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Electronic Food Salinity Tester Pen LED Indicator Food Salt Analyzer Detector Soup Salinometer Concentration Meter for Home Kitchen Restaurant
1. Probe: test the salt concentration.
2. 7 red LEDs respectively indicate the salt concentration: 0.3%~0.6% (moderate); 0.8%~1.0% (concentrated); 1.3%~2.0% (too dense), the corresponding parameters are only for reference, because of different personal tastes, Please try to determine by yourself.
4. 1 green LEDs for power indication.
ON button: Press and hold the button, and then the test can be performed after turning on the power. Stop the test after releasing it.

Power input: 4x1.5=6V LR44x4 (battery not included)
Working current: Max 20mA (LED all on)
Material: ABS
Size: 212x24.8x15.4mm/8.35x0.98x0.61"
Automatic temperature compensation function, measuring temperature 70-90 degrees Celsius (special attention)
Measuring range: 0.3-2.0% (salinity)
Calculation formula: salt content = total mass x concentration (example: If the total mass of 1 cup of solution is 150g, the concentration is 0.5% 150gx0.5%= 0.75g)

Instruction for use:
1. Check whether the salt tester probe is clean. If it is not, please clean it with a neutral detergent.
2. Put the measured object into a container, and it must have a certain height.
3. Press the ON switch of the salt tester and watch the Power indicator light green. If it does not light, it means the battery voltage is too low, and a new battery needs to be replaced.
4. Put the probe of the salt tester into the solution at least 2CM and test it at a distance of at least 1CM from the container wall. After the display is stable, read the last reading of the red light that has been lit, which is the detected value.
5 After the test, clean the probe part of the salt tester with a neutral detergent

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.