For Mercedes Benz Transmission Fluid Dipstick 722.6 722.7 722.8

For Mercedes Benz Transmission Fluid Dipstick 722.6 722.7 722.8

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For Mercedes Benz W140 W220 W221 Sprinter Transmission Gearbox Fluid Dipstick Dip Stick 722.6 722.7 722.8 140589152100
Product OE numbr: 140589152100
Product material: galvanized steel wire winding (body),  nylon (handle and scale)
Product color: silver white + red
Product length: 920mm/36.2", 1220mm/48.0" (Optional)
Product function: used to determine the cleanliness of the gearbox fluid, and timely replacement will avoid unnecessary losses to the vehicle

Applicable model:
For Mercedes W140 1996-1999
For Mercedes W220 2000-2005
For Mercedes W221 (V12) 2006-2013
For Sprinter 2002-2017

Applicable gearbox: 722.6XX /722.7XX/722.8XX

1. Insert the dipstick tube until the tool touches the bottom
2. Take out and check the fluid level
3. After completing the level check, do not leave the tool in the dipstick tube.
4. It is normal that the dipstick will have 20-30cm outside when it is inserted into the gearbox (different models have different lengths).

1. For Mercedes-Benz gearbox, this fluid dipstick very special. It needs to cooperate with the automobile fault diagnosis instrument to read the gearbox fluid temperature during detection. It is normal that the dipstick is not completely inserted into the bottom during detection.
2. For Mercedes-Benz does not come with a transmission dipstick. It is a testing tool and needs to be pulled out and saved after use. It cannot be left in the testing port forever.
3. The use method of original transmission dipstick is different from our ordinary oil dipstick.

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

1 X Transmission Fluid Dipstick