Mountain bike LED headlights and taillights

Mountain bike LED headlights and taillights

Style — gules white
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SKU: 588705.03
Product parameters:

Style: red light, white light

Product Name: front and rear lights of bicycle

Light color: White / red

Product model: as-08

Battery: button battery * 2

Material: aluminum alloy + ABS

Output power: 0.66w

Brightness: 200lm

Output voltage: 6V

Waterproof: IP7 waterproof, domestic waterproof

Battery voltage: 3V

Lighting mode: the first gear is always on, the second gear is fast flashing, and the third gear is slow flashing

Replaceable button battery for continuous battery life

Installation method:

1. Insert the lower strap into the lamp base

2. Straighten the strap until it fits the base

3. Determine the position to be installed

4. Straighten the strap and buckle it in, and the installation can be completed

Package Content:
Night riding warning light*1