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OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Finger Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor (Blue)

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Portable 1.1 inch OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Household Family Finger Blood Oxygen Saturation Level Monitor Oxymeter
The finger clip pulse oximeter is used to detect the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of the human body. This product is based on digital blood oxygen technology and adopts advanced DSP algorithm to reduce the influence of movement trajectory and improve the measurement accuracy under weak perfusion.

Blood Oxygen Saturation:
Blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) is the percentage of the volume of oxygen-bound oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) in the blood to the total bound hemoglobin (Hb) capacity, that is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. It is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle. Hypoxia has a huge impact on the body. For example, the central nervous system, liver and kidney function. The normal value of blood oxygen saturation is 95% to 100%, <90% is manifested as respiratory failure, and <80% indicates severe hypoxia.

(1) Blood oxygen saturation lower than normal may be: hypoxic hypoxia, pneumonia, emphysema, high altitude hypoxia, blood hypoxia, circulatory hypoxia, tissue hypoxia, etc.
(2) Of course, high blood oxygen saturation is not good, it is easy to cause oxygen poisoning, which is also detrimental to health. The state of a person\'s blood oxygen saturation, which can reflect some of the physical physiological activities, is very characteristic and reference. It helps doctors understand the subject\'s physical condition and the effect of treatment.
(3) When a person\'s blood oxygen saturation is abnormal, the cause of the abnormality should be analyzed and targeted measures should be taken in time. Early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment are very necessary.
Therefore, please always check your blood oxygen saturation.

The pulse is the arterial pulse, and the pulse frequency is the pulse rate. The pulse and heartbeat of a normal person are the same. The normal adult is 60 to 100 times per minute, the normal is 70 to 80 times per minute, the average is about 72 times per minute. Older people are slower, at 55 to 60 times per minute. The pulse rate of normal people is regular, and there will be no phenomenon that the pulse interval time is different. Normal people have equal pulses, and there will be no alternation of strength and weakness. The frequency of the pulse is affected by age and gender. Infants are 120-140 times per minute, nursery school kids are 90-100 times per minute, and school-age children are 80-90 times per minute.

In addition, exercise and emotional agitation can increase the pulse, while rest, sleep will slow the pulse. Adult pulse rate exceeds 100 beats per minute, known as tachycardia, and less than 60 beats per minute, known as bradycardia. There are many clinical diseases, especially heart disease, which can change the pulse.
Therefore, pulse measurement is an indispensable test item for patients. Traditional Chinese medicine also regards pulse-taking as the main method of diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
The blood oxygen probe and the processing display module are integrated.
Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
The operation is simple and convenient, and the power consumption is low. The two original 2 AAA batteries can be used continuously for 24 hours.
The blood oxygen saturation value is displayed.
Pulse rate value and bar graph display.
Pulse waveform display.
Battery level indicator.
Display Current Battery Usage. When the voltage is very low, the normal operation of the oximeter may be affected.
You can change the display mode in 4 directions.
Automatic Shutdown Function: 
1) In the state of the measurement interface, it will automatically shut down within 5s after the tested finger is disconnected.
2) When the finger is not in the measurement position for more than 16 seconds, the product will automatically turn off the power.

The finger clip pulse oximeter is used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of the human body through fingers. The product is suitable for families, hospitals (including medical and surgical departments, anesthesiology, pediatrics, intensive care, etc.), oxygen bars, community medicine, sports and health care.
Display Mode: 1.1 inch Color OLED Display
Display Resolution: 96 * 64
Accuracy: 70% - 100%: ± 2%, less than 70% undefined
Pulse Rate Measurement Range: 30bpm - 250bpm (Resolution is 1bpm)
Accuracy: ± 2bpm or ± 2%,  Take the larger value.

Error Under Weak Perfusion: When the pulse filling degree is 0.4%, the oximeter can correctly display the values of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, the error of blood oxygen saturation is ± 4%; the error of pulse rate is ± 2bpm or ± 2% Take the larger value.
Anti-Interference Ability Of Ambient Light: Compared with the measurement value under dark room conditions, the measured value of blood oxygen under indoor natural light and existing illumination light source is less than ± 1%.
Power Consumption: No More Than 30mA
Working Voltage: DC 3.0V
Battery: 2 X AAA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (Not Including)
Battery Working Time: Minimum Sustainable Working for 20 H, Theoretical Value is 32 H
Safety Type: Internal Power Supply Device, BF Type Application Part
Applicable People: Adults, Children, Baby
Material: ABS
Product Size: 60 X 30mm/2.36 X 1.18\" 
Color: Blue

1. Do not pour or spill any liquid into the oximeter and its accessories, connectors, switches or openings, as this will damage the oximeter.
2. Before and after each test, use medical alcohol to clean the oximeter rubber that touch with fingers and fingers. (The rubber in the oximeter is medical rubber, which is non-toxic and harmless to human skin).
3. Put the two AAA batteries into the battery box with correct polarity. Close the battery cover. The battery polarity must be installed correctly. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged.
4. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
5. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.