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R134A Refrigerant Recharge Hose Car Air Conditioner Fluoride Pressure Gauge

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R134A Refrigerant Recharge Hose Pipe Car Air Conditioning Repair Tool Air Conditioner Fluoride Tube Cold Pressure Gauge
Material: Metal
Total installation length: 390mm/15.35\'\'
Package size: 220 * 150 * 20mm/8.66*5.9*0.78\'\'

Usage Method:
1. It is necessary to prepare a supplementary pipe for DIY detection of automobile air conditioner.
2. One bottle of R134a refrigerant for vehicle.
3. Now start to test the pressure of the car: first, turn the thimble in the bottle opener end of DIY make-up pipe to the top, screw the refrigerant bottle into the bottle opener, and screw it tightly.
4. Find out the low-voltage connector. Generally, there is a small blue or black cap on the left side under the engine hood, and there is an L word on the hat. Screw the small cap down.
5. Start the car engine and turn on the AC switch of the air conditioner, turn on the blower to the maximum, run and wait for three minutes. Connect the DIY pipe interface to the low pressure end of the automobile air conditioner.
6. After the DIY pipe is connected to the low pressure interface, the DIY pipe pressure gauge will have scale indication instantly. At this time, the pressure gauge scale on the DIY pipe is consistent with the pressure of the air conditioning system. If you look at the pressure scale on the pressure gauge, you will know the pressure in the system. In the process of use, please calculate according to the minimum value in the chart. The calculation method is that the minimum value minus 10 psi is the normal pressure of the system. The pressure must not exceed the minimum value. Once the pressure exceeds, the compressor will automatically protect, and the refrigeration effect will be very poor! If the outside temperature is 30 ℃, the chart shows 45psi-55psi, which is the constant temperature value. When we calculate, we should subtract 10psi pressure from 45psi, and the result is 35psi. This is the normal pressure value of the system. It is better not to exceed this value. If it is lower than 35psi, it needs to be supplemented.
65 °F corresponds to 18.33 ° C, system pressure 25-35psi
70 °F corresponds to 21.11 ℃, system pressure 35-40psi
75 °F corresponds to 23.89 ° C, system pressure 35-40psi
80 °F corresponds to 26.67 ℃, system pressure 40-50psi
85 °F corresponds to 29.44 ℃, system pressure 45-55PSI
90 °F corresponds to 32.22 ℃, system pressure 45-55PSI
95 °F corresponds to 35 ℃, system pressure 50-55PSI
100 °F corresponds to 37.78 ℃, system pressure 50-55PSI
105 °F corresponds to 40.56 ℃, system pressure 50-55PSI
110 °F corresponds to 43.33 ℃, system pressure 50-55PSI
7. The pressure in the air conditioning system is low, so refrigerant needs to be replenished. Rotate the thimble in the bottle opener clockwise to pierce the mouth of the refrigerant bottle, and the thimble in the bottle opener will immediately rotate to the top counter clockwise. (Note: at this time, the scale of the pressure gauge will be up to 100 psi to 110 psi. 2 seconds later, the scale of the pressure gauge will slowly drop down and return to the original scale. This is normal Because there is pressure coming out after the bottle is punctured. The pressure in R134a bottle is displayed in these seconds. After the bottle pressure is absorbed by the compressor, it will be displayed as the pressure in the system!) Shake the refrigerant bottle gently, and the refrigerant gas will flow into the system. At the same time, look at the scale of the pressure gauge, and the unit of temperature and pressure psi in the figure above can be reached. Note: do not stand upside down!!! (except oil mixture)
8. when the pressure gauge scale is normal, please immediately rotate the thimble in the bottle opener clockwise to the bottom and tighten it. Remove the low port connector of the air conditioning system. If one bottle is not enough after adding, please add the second bottle of refrigerant according to the above description until the external temperature and system pressure are up to.
9. at this time, the refrigerant of the air conditioning system of the automobile is replenished to complete. Please tighten the L-shaped cap.
Note: the above pressure scale and filling method are the filling instructions of ID and EF of American refrigerant sales company. After completing a successful filling, it will feel as convenient as the automobile tire to flush air

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement