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RetroScaler2x A/V to HDMI-Compatible Converter Line-Doubler for Consoles

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RetroScaler2x A/V to HDMI-Compatible Converter Audio Video Line-Doubler for PS2/N64/NES/Dreamcast/Saturn/MD1/MD2 Retro Game Consoles
1. Signals / Resolutions: The RetroScaler2x can accept 240p/480i/288p/576i NTSC/PAL sources to converter to 480p/576p HDMI-compatible output (480p for NTSC, 576p for PAL). For example 240p signals are supported properly, allowing for a completely progressive linedouble to 480p. 480i signals are deinterlaced and doubled also to 480p. Keep in mind that the output resolution of this device only up to 480p/576p.
2. Zero Lag: The RetroScaler2x is a zero lag device, proven using multiple measurements and different devices.
3. Region Compatibility: Both NTSC and PAL signals are supported, but they are not converted to each other. That means you can plug in whatever signal your target device is compatible with, but NTSC might not work on PAL HDMI-compatible devices and vice versa.
4. Filter Modes: The \"FIL\" mode is completely preference-based, but the average retro-gamer prefers the FIL mode off for 2D games (SNES, Genesis, etc) and on for 3D games (N64, Saturn, etc). Also, the FIL mode might help reduce flicker with some 480i-only games.
5. Compatibility: Another great feature of the RetroScaler2x is that it outputs a true 480p60 signal, making it compatible with every device I tested it with! Compatibility is a big issue for retro-gamers, as modern displays aren\'t used to the resolution or refresh rate of these older consoles. This device is an excellent help for streamers who want the highest chance of compatibility.
6. Performance - Audio: Audio performance on the RetroScaler2X is good although we would have to stop short of saying it was perfect. In general uses there are no issues with the audio digitization but on brassiere sounds like explosions the output may sound a little rougher than it did through the OSSC. This isn\'t something you\'re likely to even notice on a TVs speakers, though you might if you have an external amp or home theatre system. In that case of course, it\'s usually perfectly easy to route audio around the RetroScaler2X anyway.
7. The Pass-through: By putting the RetroScaler2X into pass-through mode, incoming composite, s-video or component signals are simply transparent and digitized into HDMI-compatible. Support for 240p is rare in the world of HDMI-compatible, but by adding a simple HDMI-compatible to VGA converter, you can convert the signal back to the analogue domain again. This makes the unit a perfect transcoder to go with 15 kHz displays like PVMs, or of course, the OSSC.

Color: Red, Blue
Interface: Input YPBPR / S-VIDEO / AV To HDMI-Compatible
Application Range: For PS2 / For N64 / For NES / For SEGADreamcast / For Saturn / For MD1 Retro Game Console
Product Size: About 10.5 X 6.5 X 2.5cm/4.13 X 2.56 X 0.98\"
Supported Hosted
for Vic20
for Atari2600
for Msx
for NES
for 6 / 7NGC
for SFC
for SNES
for SuperFamicom
for SEGA Saturn
for MD2
for MD1
for Dreamcast
for Commodore64 (C64)

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 X A/V to HDMI-Compatible Converter
1 X EU Plug
1 X AU Plug
1 X UK Plug
1 X US Plug
1 X Multi-Plug Adapter
1 X Manual