Silent Electric Insect Trap LED Light Mosquito Repellent Killer for Room

Silent Electric Insect Trap LED Light Mosquito Repellent Killer for Room

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Household USB Photocatalyst Silent Electric Fly Bug Insect Trap LED Light Pest Control Mosquito Repellent Killer Lamp for Home Room
1. Photocatalytic mosquito killer lamp. The ultraviolet light band is about 365nm, and it emits around 360°.
2. Swirl airflow, strong suction, centrifugal pressure, prevent escape.
3. Detachable structure design, washable.
4. A small mesh storage box for mosquitoes, which can be used to observe whether the mosquitoes are dead or not.
5. The top handle design is convenient for carrying.

Material: ABS plastic
Size: 175x120x100mm/6.89x4.72x3.94in
Power supply: DC 5V/1A, USB plug-in type
Power: 5W
Rated voltage: 110-220V
Color: As shown

Working principle:
The 368nm ultraviolet light mosquito trap produces a photocatalytic reaction with the photocatalyst, releasing carbon dioxide and airflow, simulating the humid breath of carbon dioxide emitted by the human body, and attracting mosquitoes and flies in any direction.

1. To use the mosquito killer in the bedroom, please turn it on in advance (at least 3 hours)
2. It is better to use in an unmanned environment, because human odor will attract mosquitoes
3. This product uses physical mosquito killers. Mosquitoes die through air drying and dehydration, so do not open the mosquito storage box frequently to prevent mosquitoes from escaping
4. Do not use in vents, try to ensure that it is used in a dark place, use the light of the mosquito killer to attract mosquitoes, so that the effect is better

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.