Smart TV Replacement Remote Controller for LG 4K 43UK6090PUA 49UK6090PUA

Smart TV Replacement Remote Controller for LG 4K 43UK6090PUA 49UK6090PUA

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Smart TV Remote Control Television Replacement Controller for LG 43UK6090PUA 50UK6300BUB 55SK8050PUA
1. This is a good quality remote control for LG Smart TV.
2. Perfectly replace your old one.
3. Perfect choice for this remote control.

Colour: Black
Power Supply: 2 X AAA Batteries (NOT Including)
Size: 170 X 47 X 20mm/6.69 X 1.85 X 0.79"

Compatible Models:
Suitable for LG 4K Smart TV: 43UK6090PUA, 49UK6090PUA, 50UK6090PUA, 55UK6090PUA, 60UK6090, 65UK6090PUA, 70UK6190PUB, 75UK6190PUB;
43LK5700PUA, 49LK5700PUA, 32LK610B, 24LJ4840-WU, 32LK610BPUA, UK6190, UK6090PUA, LK5700 series;
50UK6300BUB, 65SK9500PUA, 55SK8000AUB, 55SK9500PUA, 65SK8000PUA, 65SK9550PUA, 55SK8000PUA, 65SK9000PUA, 49SK8000PUA, 55SK8050PUA,
65SK8550PUA, 55SK8050PUA, 55SK8550PUA, 49SK8050PUA, 75SK8070PUA, 65UK7700AUB, 758050PUA, 65UK7700PUD, 75SK8070AUB, 55UK7700AUB,
65SK8000AUB, 55UK7700PUD, 49UK7700AUB, 70UK6550PUA, 49UK7700PUD, 70UK6570AUB, 65UK7500PUA, 65UK6500AUA, 55UK7500PUA;
55UK6500AUA, 49UK7500PUA, 50UK6500AUA, 86UK6570PUB, 43UK6500AUA, 75UK6570PUB, 65UK6550PUB, 75UK6570PUA, 55UK6550PUB, 86UK6570AUA,
50UK6550PUB, 75UK6570AUA, 43UK6550, UK6570PUB, 65UK6300PU, 43UK6300PUE, 50UK6300PUE, 75UK6270PUA, 49UK6300PUE, 65UK6200PUA,
43UK6300PUE, 43UK6350PUC, 65UK6300BUB, 60UK6200PUA;
65UK6350PUC, 60UK6250PUB, 55UK6300BUB, 55UK6200PUA, 55UK6350UK6250PUB, 49UK6200PUA, UK6300BUB, 49UK6250PUB, 49UK6350PUC,
43UK6200PUA, 43UK6250PUB, 32LK610BPUA, 49LK5750PUA, 43LK5750PUA, 86UK657, etc.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Smart TV Controller