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ST194 6000 Counts Meter - Clamp Multimeter

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ST194 6000 Counts LCD Digital Current Clamp Meter DC AC Ammeter Voltage Voltmeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Resistance Ohm Tester Electrician Tool
-The meter is a portable and professional measuring instrument with a LCD digital display and a backlight, which is easy for users to read. One-handed operation is convenient for measurement, with overload protection and low battery indication. Whether used by professionals, factories, schools, enthusiasts or families, it is an ideal multi-function instrument.
-The meter is used for AC current, DC current, AC voltage, DC voltage, frequency, resistance, capacitance, temperature, diode, line continuity and non-contact voltage detection.
-The meter has an automatic range function.
-The meter has a reading hold function.
-The meter has an automatic shutdown function.

Maximum allowable voltage between the measuring terminal and the ground: 600V DC or 600V AC
Working height: up to 2000m
Display: LCD
Maximum display value: 5999 digits
Polarity indication: automatic indication, \"-\" means negative polarity
Over-range display: \"OL\" or \"-OL\"
Sampling time: about 3 times / second
Unit display: with function, power unit display
Automatic shutdown time: 15 minutes
Power supply: DC power supply 3.0V
Jaw opening size: 25mm
Cable diameter: not more than 23mm
Static working current: not more than 12.0mA (without backlight)
Battery type: 1.5V AAA battery (not included)
Temperature coefficient: less than 0.1X accuracy/℃
Working temperature: 18℃-28℃
Storage temperature: -10℃-50℃
Size: 184.0x66.0x32.5mm

AC current
Range             Resolution                                      Accuracy
60A                   0.01A                          ± (2.5% reading + 8 digits)
400A-600A        0.1A              ± (3.0% reading + 10 digits) for reference only

DC current
Range                  Resolution                        Accuracy
60A                         0.01A           ± (2.0% reading + 8 digits)
600A                         1A

DC voltage
Range                  Resolution                       Accuracy
6V                          0.001V          ± (0.5% reading + 3 digits)
60V                        0.01V
600V                      0.1V              ±(0.8% reading + 5 digits)

AC voltage
Range                  Resolution                        Accuracy
6V                          0.001V            ± (0.8% reading + 5 digits)
60V                        0.01V
600V                      0.1V               ±(1.2% of reading + 5 digits)

Range                        Resolution                          Accuracy
99.99Hz                       0.01Hz              ±(0.1% reading + 2 digits)
999.9Hz                       0.1Hz
9.999kHz                    0.001KHz
99.99KHZ                    0.01KHz
999.9KHZ                     0.1KHz

Range                          Resolution                      Accuracy
6.000nF                        0.001nF            ±(5.0% reading + 20 words)
60.00nF                        0.01nF               ±(2.0% reading + 5 digits)
600.0nF                         0.1nF
6.000μF                       0.001μF
60.00μF                       0.01μF               ±(2.0% reading + 5 digits)
600.0μF                        0.1μF
6.000mF                     0.001mF             ±(5.0% reading + 5 digits)
60.00mF                      0.01mF

Temperature test
Range                    Accuracy              Resolution
0℃-300℃          ±(2.5%+5d)               1℃
301℃-1000℃    ±(2.5%+5d)               1℃
32℉-600℉        ±(2.5%+5d)               1℉
601℉-1832℉    ±(2.5%+5d)               1℉

Range                   Resolution                          Accuracy
6kΩ                       0.001kΩ             ±(0.8% reading + 3 digits)
60kΩ                      0.01kΩ
600kΩ                     0.1kΩ
6MΩ                     0.001MΩ             ±(1.2% reading + 3 digits)
10MΩ                     0.1MΩ

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.