Super Arc 400KV High Voltage Generator Module Inverter Transformer Pulse

Super Arc 400KV High Voltage Generator Module Inverter Transformer Pulse

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Super Arc 400KV High Voltage Generator Module Inverter Transformer Pulse Module
1. This module is a high voltage module / high voltage generator made of a high voltage package / transformer component circuit.
2. The high voltage module uses Tesla coil principle produced, it output high voltage pulse high voltage current, small volume, high efficiency, simple peripheral circuit (simply connect the switch, the battery can be)The intensity of discharge violently.
3. It can be used as a high voltage source for student science popularization experiment / electronic instrument / negative ion generator / science small production.

Input voltage: DC 3V-7.2V
Input current: 2A-5A
High pressure type: pulse current type
Output voltage: 200 thousand V (please pay attention to safety when using).
High voltage two pole discharge distance: 10mm-20mm/0.39-0.78''
Output high voltage line length: About 100mm/3.93''
Input power line length: About 100mm/3.93'' (red positive and green negative)
Outline size: 24*65mm/0.94*2.55'' (maximum diameter 24MM minimum diameter 22MM, one side with flat)

Operation Manual:
1. The module is divided into the input end and the output end. The red and green line is the input, the red is positive and green is negative. The output end is two high voltage lines with the same color, and the input terminal can generate the high voltage arc when connect the battery.
2. A single 3.7V lithium battery or two series can be used, such as 18650 battery, idle cell phone battery (to remove the protective plate, recommended capacity above 2000mAh) or nickel cadmium / nickel hydrogen battery group, 4V or 6V lead-acid battery.

Warm Tips:
1. The module should avoid high voltage no-load when power on. It is necessary to adjust the distance of high voltage discharge before power on. The distance between the output arc and the battery voltage and capacity is proportional to the voltage and capacity of the battery.
2. When measuring the distance of arc, it is necessary to test from short to long. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the longest distance of the module.  Because the high voltage energy can not be released, it will easily damage the module.
3. The power of the module is large and the interior is not suitable for heat dissipation, so it can not work long hours.
4. The small capacity lithium battery is connected in series to 7.2V, and the voltage in the arcing state has dropped to 4V. The smaller the capacity, the lower the voltage pull. Therefore, it is recommended to use more than 2000MA lithium battery, the best conditions are equipped with more than 4000MA batteries.
5. Please strictly operate the module according to the user manual and precautions, otherwise it will easily damage the module.
6. This module is not high temperature, can not not ignite smoke, paper.

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

1 x High Voltage Generator Module