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T8 Wireless Signal Finder Detector GPS Locator Pinhole Cam Camera Tracker

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T8 Camera Signal Detector Pen Bug Gadget Wireless RF Signal Finder Pinhole GPS Locator Blocker Tracking
1. The T8 detector adopts advanced German technology and is a security instrument developed for all kinds of bugs, car trackers, mobile phone undercover software, wireless pinhole cameras, casino fraud equipment and other products. At the same time, the amplitude control of the electric radiation source can protect you and your family from electromagnetic radiation.
2. This product is the first to adopt a digital receiving method, which is different from all products on the market. It not only broadens the frequency domain of control and measurement, but also effectively avoids the interference of clutter signals everywhere in life, and greatly improves the sensitivity.
3. There is also dynamic adjustment of super sensitivity. No matter how strong the signal source is, it can be easily positioned by adjusting the knob.
4. T8 is currently the most advanced portable wireless signal detection equipment, especially for special processing of CDMA signals. Traditional radio wave detectors cannot detect CDMA signals. You can test the sensitivity of the detector by dialing the telecom calling card.
5. The CDMA mobile protocol is a radio frequency hopping technology invented by the United States. It is the so-called LED Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), and its transmit power is very low, and it is not easily detected by conventional wireless detectors.
6. The most commonly used tracking and positioning products on the market are basically CDMA cards; therefore, T8 is your best choice.

Professional radio wave detection device with high sensitivity, adjustable threshold and wide detection frequency range.
Only power switch + sensitivity knob, simple operation, convenient to use, sound and light alarm indication, accurate and reliable.
It can detect eavesdroppers and locators equipped with China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, 2G.3G.4G cards.
The locator can detect GPS locator data packets uploaded at high speed.
Can detect 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera.
Can detect more conseal 5.8GHZ wireless cameras, wireless eavesdropping.

Material: aluminum alloy
Frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz
Detection dynamic range:> 73Db
Detection sensitivity: ≤0.03 MW (main frequency band) detection
Range: 2.4GHz
Wireless camera: 10m2 (standard 10mW camera) 1.2GHz
Wireless camera: 15m2 (standard 10mW camera)
Mobile phone signal 2G, 3G, 4G: 3-15m
Indication mode: 9-level LED luminous indication/modulation
Indicator power: Built-in 3.7V lithium polymer battery
Working current: 60mA continuous working: 15-25 hours
Product size: 98*48*20mm

Whether the car or office is equipped with a wireless bug or tracking locator.
Whether the mobile phone is tapped or abnormal (standby is to send out a signal for no reason.
Working environment, whether there is base station radiation on the roof of the residential building.
Mobile phone text messaging, Internet access, call monitoring.
Wireless network, mobile base station, wireless monitoring system monitoring.
Electromagnetic radiation leakage detection for household appliances such as microwave ovens.
Whether there are suspicious wireless signals in the environment.
Check hotel toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, changing rooms, government agencies, etc.
Business negotiations, inspection of schools, workshops, and facilities.
The radio waves are consistent with the movements on the mahjong table.
Mortgage cars, second-hand cars, pawn shops, guarantee companies, small loan companies, information finance companies, etc.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 X Detector
1 X USB Cable
1 X Manual