Trigger Cycle Timer Delay Switch 12 24V Circuit Board Dual MOS Tube Control

Trigger Cycle Timer Delay Switch 12 24V Circuit Board Dual MOS Tube Control

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1. Realize circuit high frequency, fast and frequent switching, unlimited switching times.
2. No noise, no spark, no electromagnetic interference during the on-off process.
3. The service life is longer than that of common electromagnetic relays.
4. Using double MOS parallel active output, the internal resistance is lower, the current is larger, the power is strong, 15A, 400W at room temperature, meet the use of most equipment.
5. It is often used to control electric motors, light bulbs, LED lamp belts, DC motors, micro-pumps, solenoid valves and so on. Through this module, these devices can be easily controlled, which is very convenient.

1. Wide voltage operation (5 ~ 36V), most of the equipment can be used, very convenient.
2. Clear and simple interface, powerful function, easy to understand, almost meet all your needs.
3. Has a key emergency stop function (STOP key), with reverse connection protection, reverse connection does not burn.
4. Increased sleep mode, after use, no operation within 5 minutes, automatically shut down the monitor; any key can wake-up.
5. Different OP, CL and LOP parameters can be set. These parameters are independent and stored separately.
6. Automatic power-off saving of all setting parameters.
7. With optocoupler isolation, enhance anti-jamming ability, industrial grade circuit board, set parameters after power failure forever memory.

Working Voltage: DC 5V-36V
Trigger Signal Source: High Level Trigger (DC 3.0V-24V) signal ground is not in common with the system ground to improve the anti-jamming ability of the system (also can be short access to common ground).
Output capacity: DC 5V-36V, continuous current 15A at room temperature, power 400W Under the condition of auxiliary heat dissipation, the maximum current can reach 30A.
Static current: 15 mA
Service life: infinite number of switches
Working Temperature: -40℃~85℃
Product size: 60*35*12mm/2.36*1.37*0.47''

Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.

1 X Dual MOS Tube Control Module