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Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller Frighten Bird Cat Deer Raccoon Repellent

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Solar Powered Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Frighten Bird Dog Cat Deer Raccoon Repellent Deterrent for Outdoor Gardening Farm Use
1. Sound + vibration, more powerful functions.
2. Sensitivity can be adjusted, easy to use.
3. Five-speed frequency modulation, multiple choices.
4. Infrared induction, the reaction is more sensitive.
Uses: Generally used in lawns and vegetable fields to reduce damage to crops by snakes, rats, and some birds.

Shell material: ABS
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Working frequency: 400-1000Hz
Effective range: 650㎡
Size: 415*145*120mm

Working principle:
1. The strong ultrasonic signal scares the animal: in the area of the ultrasonic sound, it scares the animal. When the sound of the animal enters the area is activated, the animal cannot get used to the sound, and the animal is naturally sensitive to the sound and has a strong repulsive force to drive the animal out of the area.
2. Strong flash repels animals that are afraid of light: When the animal enters the range, the product will emit a strong light and burst flash. Instinctively, the animal will be afraid and run away.
3. Vibration and frequency of 400-1000Hz can drive away hamsters: The principle is to affect the sensitive hearing of underground rodents by emitting sound waves and effectively prevent rodent damage. Ultrasound deceives them and makes them feel dangerous, thereby forcing them to leave the vibrating area.

Gear selection:
First gear: 13.5KHz and 195KHz, which can repel mice, dogs, foxes, minks and other animals.
Second gear: 13.5KHz and 28.5KHz, which can drive cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks and other animals.
The third gear: 400Hz-1000Hz, mainly used for snakes, mice and other animals.
Four gears: LED flashes with strong light, which can drive away raccoons, birds, wild boars, crickets and other animals.
Fifth gear: Use variable frequency and strong light LED flashing to drive away all animals, they work in turn (1-4 frequency), changing the frequency every 5 seconds.

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