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Master Power Window Switch for Mercedes-Benz W204 W212 07-15 2049055402
08.06.2022 | Cesdeals | Automitive Parts

Power Window Switch Replacement

If your car is too hot, the usual way to go is to drop the windows. If you push the button to drop the windows and nothing happens, your power window switch could need replacing. It’s what tells the windows to go up or down, if it’s playing up then you’ll have to rely on your a/c. 

What is a power window switch? 

The power window switch works much the same as any other switch in the car. When you press down on the window button, it completes the circuit. Once the switch is closed power goes to the window regulator to move the window up or down. 

Why do you need a power window switch?

If the power window switch fails, you’ll be unable to raise or lower the windows. It also means that if the windows are down, you’ll be unable to raise them. Seeing as you don’t want to open your car up to the world, it is important that the switches work properly. 

How to tell if you need a new power window switch

If your windows don’t raise or lower, that’s a good sign that the switch needs replacing. Otherwise, if you can raise or lower the windows on one switch like the drivers, but can’t do that on the door that houses the window - the switch has failed. If your windows sometimes work and sometimes don’t, it could be the regulator or the switch playing up.

What’s involved in getting a power window switch replaced?

The mechanic will remove the trim around the affected switch. They will most likely check the regulator at the same time. The switch will be unclipped from its holder and the surrounding wiring disconnected. The new switch will have its wiring connected to the switch and be fitted to the holder. The assembly will be tested and then the surrounding trim will be refitted. The car will be ready to return to the customer. 

How much does a power window switch cost?

This is one of those jobs that really depend on the car you have. Cheaper cars will cost around $100 to $250. If it’s an expensive replacement it can go above $400

How often do I need a power window switch replaced?

Only when they wear out and break. They don’t really have a service interval and some will last you the cars’ lifetime. 

Is a broken power window switch unsafe?

If it leaves you with your windows down and belongings unsafe, then it can be a real pain. It’s a quick and easy job if it needs doing, so don’t sweat it.


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