Universal 4 Key Car Door Duplicator Remote Controller Electric Gate Key Fob

Universal 4 Key Car Door Duplicator Remote Controller Electric Gate Key Fob

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SKU: 244533
Universal 4 Keys Car Door Open Duplicator Remote Controller Electric Gate Garage Door Key Fob
This new copy of the remote controller can learn the fixed code remote control, the remote control code can be compatible with 64bit of internal codes.
Please check these internal codes carefully before buying: ( Important !!!)
2262, 2260, 5026, 5326, 5326 - 3, 5326 - 4, FP527, PT2240, EV1527, HT6010, HT6014, HT12E, HT640, HT680, PLC168, SMC series, 9XX, PT2292, 12L - 4SC, HT6026, UM3750AM and so on.

1. One-to-one key copy, password of each key is saved individually. 
2. Can continuously repeat for one million times. 
3. Good privacy, especially suitable for home use.
4. Powered by 1 x 27A battery ( included ). 
5. Fixed frequency: 433MHz.

Product weight: 19g
Size: 6.6 x 1.5 x 1.5cm/2.60 x 0.59 x 0.59\'
Suitable for car brands: universal

Method of use: 
1. Clean the test code before copy: long press the 2 keys of remote control for 3s, release them when the light flashes quickly to slowly flashes, and then click any key, light does not turn on, means the code has been removed. 
2. Hold and not release the copy key of this controller, corresponding to press the key of your controller and close to the receiving antenna about three seconds, release them after the indicator light turns on to slowly flashes, and fast flash. Then try to press this key, light is turn on, learning success. 
3. The same operation for other key copies.


It is not compatible with 5326P-3 Chip.